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 While the narrative on Africa is evolving, more and more Africans are joining in the conversation and taking ownership of the issues that impact the continent. As such, the just ended android spy, call recording, whatsapp spy, annual global meeting in Davos attracted industry captains, political leaders and social entrepreneurs from Africa who shared their views on the continent.

Corporate governance is a key element in enhancing investor confidence, promoting competitiveness, and ultimately improving economic growth. Spring Well Trade & Investment beliefs are that corporate governance is all about having the right corporate mindset and culture, which has been translated into positive action programmes through its people, policies and processes.

 The Board of Directors of the Company is responsible for setting the strategic direction for the Company and overseeing its business affairs. The Board develops and implements sustainable policies which reflect the Company’s responsibility to all its stakeholders.

The affairs of the Board are tailored to the requirements of relevant corporate governance principles.

W- Wealth – Our clients are our greatest asset and we exists for them, thus we communicate regularly with them in order for both us and our clients to be prosperous in our day to day interactions and business ventures.

 E-Elevation  – We support committed enterprises on the basis of the viability of their businesses. We are fully committed to our clients needs and are driven to be open to our clients.

 L-Loyalty  – We take time to listen to our client’s vision and plans at all times, allowing us to improve our offering and enter into a fair risk and reward relationship with our clients.

 L-Lasting Relationships  – We operate on a strict code of ethics. We consider the information we give to and accept from our clients as sensitive and 100% confidential. In addition, we believe that our service will only remain superior if we are guarantee the expertise and objectivity of our lifestyle managers and their business tools.

 A range of decisions are specifically reserved for the Board to ensure it retains proper direction and control of the Group. The Board is authorized to delegate some of these functions to executive directors who are responsible for the day to day management of the business. The document delegating Authority to certain directors and committees was approved in 2007 and sets the financial limits on the decisions that can be taken by the Executive Directors and the various committees of the board.